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Mauna Kea Summit Telescopes
UF Full Professor Richard J Elston with FLSAMINGOS Near IR MultiObjecr Imasging Spectrometer mounted on the 2 meter telescope ar Kitt Peak AZ

CDN and Linux Network tools:

BGP Anycast

IPaddrCheetSheetRHEL  and  IPaddreExamples

Guide to Tuning Monitoring Linux Networking Stack  and  Tuning Linux Networking: Receiving Data

Docker vs Podman  and  K3S vs K8S

OpenStack Neutron Networking

Linux Bridge vs OpenVSwitch (OVS)

AWS Pricing

AWS VPN Security Groups

AWS Step Functions

Apache Alternatives to AWS Lambda

SoftWare Interface Generator (SWIG)

Test: Smoke vs Sanity vs Regression

The Power of Citizen Science

Linux System Tools:

libvips.org. and 

libvips speed tests

UPS monitor.


Sysdig Python API.

Python platform and psutil modules.



Linux dmicode CLI.

CPU and HD Temperature.

Pandas smartctl wrapper.

HD monitor tools.


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What is a Canary Deployment

What is a CDN

Professional References:

thomas.ahn@edgecast.com -- CDN edgecast.com (formerly Verizon Media Services) manager

alexoumantsev@gmail.com -- (former) UF ICBR manager

karin.loya@gmail.com -- NASA and NOAA contractor manager (now retired)

bob.kozon@nasa.gov -- NASA mission ops manager (MOM)

Python HackerRank


Github samples:




github Apache mod_python caching Web Map Server

Gitlab samples:

gitlab DevCloudOps

gitlab OpenSciViz

gitlab 1percent.us

Domains: 90ghz.org eviz.biz sciviz.biz 4science.be earthlimb.net innerplanets.org wehike.us ...